“Foofoo hatched!” piped fourth-grader Frances. “Now we can finish our stories about him!” Over the past weekend, the monarch chrysalis we reported about in the last edition emerged from his chrysalis in Ms. Buczacz’s classroom. Here is Ms. Buczacz’s account of this happy event:

Foofoo has been slumbering through all of the joyful activity in the Class 3-4 classroom these past couple of weeks. When going home for the weekend on Friday I considered whether or not Foofoo would emerge while everyone was away and closed the door to the classroom to prevent his escape should he make his debut sans audience.

Upon my return to the classroom Monday, after setting down my bag of books, I heard the faintest of rustling sounds and turned to see Foofoo, wings still drying. I estimate he had emerged no more than an hour prior to my arrival. When the students arrived, they carefully and protectively observed him. We know Foofoo is a male from the colorings he had as a caterpillar as well as the characteristic lower black spots on his wings. When we had taken the morning attendance, we took Foofoo to the pink hydrangea bush by the office. Georgia carried him there ever so carefully, gently allowing him to walk off her hand onto the blossoms. The class examined him one last time before saying our goodbyes and our hopes that he returns to us next year!
—Ms. Buczacz

Not everyone was pleased with the Foofoo’s next chapter, however. “I’m sad,” said fourth grader Benjamin. “We won’t have Foofoo around any more.” But, Frances’ enthusiasm was undaunted. “Maybe we can find another chrysalis!” “Oh, yeah!” said Benjamin, “maybe we can!”