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  • Bridge Crossing 2024

    Bridge Crossing 2024

    On a misty morning, the children and teachers of the Early Childhood program crossed the bridge into summerland.

  • Stave Tangle

    Stave Tangle

    Here at Ashwood, classes are engaging in final-week activities. In Movement class the middle schoolers are testing their teamwork with a game of stave tangle.

  • Belties!


    Class 1-2 enjoyed a day at Aldemere Farm where they met the Belted Galloway cattle and hiked to the beach along the Aldemere Farm Ocean Trail.

  • Class 7-8 Goes to Town

    Class 7-8 Goes to Town

    Mr. Chisholm and Ms. Tucker took Class 7-8 to Freeport and Boston for a few days of urban exploration.

  • A Week of Field Trips for Class 3-4

    A Week of Field Trips for Class 3-4

    What a week… so far! Tuesday’s weather didn’t dampen spirits but only enhanced Acadia’s dramatic, rugged coast. The Abbe Museum was engaging, and we especially enjoyed speaking with a Penobscot tribal member about her culture. Terra Optima continues to be a magical farm experience— our Wednesday field trip. Farmer Cheryl runs the kind of farm…

  • Pentathlon 2024

    Pentathlon 2024

    Class 5-6 traveled to Freeport for the annual Pentathlon last week. This traditional Waldorf event comprises five athletic components: long jump; javelin; discus; wrestling; and a relay race. Fifth graders from participating New England Waldorf schools were mixed and sorted into city-states: Sparta, Corinth; Athens; and Thebes. It was a day of friendship, copious sunshine,…

  • Food, Friends & Family at the Spanish Café

    Food, Friends & Family at the Spanish Café

    Tacos, almond cakes, hot and cold drinks, cheese buns, and many more treats were on “sale” Monday afternoon as Maestra Nevin and Class 5-6 transformed the community room into the Spanish Café. Students and parents received tickets as they entered and strolled around the festive plaza, shopping for treats—savory and sweet—trying out the cozy stuffed…

  • Pentathlon Send Off

    Pentathlon Send Off

    This week, Class 5-6 will travel to the annual Pentathlon gathering where the 5th graders will join 66 other athletes from several participating New England Waldorf schools. Ashwood Movement Teacher Rose Swan put the athletes through their paces on Tuesday as grade school and early childhood students cheered them on in javelin, discus, sprint, long…

  • May Fair 2024

    May Fair 2024

  • Class 5-6 Trip to Crocketts Beach

    Class 5-6 Trip to Crocketts Beach