Last week, fourth-grader Georgia brought a monarch caterpillar to school in a roomy vase with plenty of snacks to nibble on. To Class 3-4 it seemed likely that Foofoo was ready to settle down for a long nap, so the class said its farewells on Friday, anticipating a sparkling chrysalis in Foofoo’s vase on Monday morning. However, when the children arrived and looked inside the vase, the wayward worm was nowhere to be seen… until… someone noticed that one of the clips on Mrs. Buczacz’s music stand had something extra on it: Foofoo had “gone rogue,” as Mrs. Buczacz put it, traveling out of the vase, across the vast expanses of her desk, up the music stand and onto one of nine binder clips that sit atop the music stand, one for each child. Funny thing: It was Georgia’s clip, Foofoo chose out of all nine clips. Class 3-4 is very excited about their new “classmate.” To be continued!