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Make a Cuddle Doll!

Eighth-Grade Graduation 2015

Save the date for Ashwood Waldorf School’s eighth-grade graduation! The Class of 2015, along with their dedicated teacher, Amy Watson, look forward to seeing you at the Strom Auditorium at Camden Hills Regional High School on Saturday, June 6, at 1:00 p.m.

Graduation is the culminating moment of each student’s time at Ashwood. It is the students’ last chance to share their talents with our school community and for our community to honor their growth and achievements.

At Ashwood, graduation is seen as a significant moment for the whole community: for the younger children who are inspired by the eighth graders and who look forward to their own graduation; for the teachers who have all had a hand in their education; for the parents of children in other grades who have watched and helped the eighth graders grow through the years.

Our hope is that all parents and friends of Ashwood will also join us. It truly is a wonderful event!

Ashwood Grads, 2015

Ashwood Grads, 2015

All Hallows’ Eve Walk 2014

all hallows flyer 2014 jpg

Ashwood Waldorf School’s annual All Hallows’ Eve Walk will be on Friday, October 31 from 4:15 to 5:30 p.m. at Merryspring Nature Center, Conway Road, Camden. The All Hallows’ Eve Walk is specially designed as a gift for young children, a place where the littlest ones in our community can have a happy and scare-free Halloween experience.

Wind your way through the enchanted, jack-o-lantern lit woods. Catch glimpses of princesses, knights, dragons, and characters from your favorite tales and legends. Come in costume if you like (not scary, please.) The walk is for families with children aged nine and younger. There will be ghost stories by the campfire for children aged 9 to 14. Free cookie and cider for all! FMI: (207) 236-8021 or

Trip to Beech Hill

Friday, September 19, first, second, and third graders ascended Beech Hill on a clear and lovely day.
beech group

Apple Picking

First, second, and third grade students picked apples on Friday, September 19. It was a glorious, bright fall day, and the fruit was plentiful. A fine time was had by all!

apple picking

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Growing and learning through the joy of play

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Bringing life to learning through the power of the imagination

Grade School Overview

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Hats Off! Auction – New Items!

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Example of what you might receive every month!

Example of what you might receive every month!

Creature a Month – Surprise yourself, or someone you love, with 12 magical monthly gifts. Once a month for a year, you will receive a felted item in the mail, handmade by the talented and creative Early Childhood teacher Liz Ferrero. If you’ve seen LIz’s remarkable fairy houses and charming little gnomes and critters, you know how incredible her work is, and how much children and adults love it. You choose the dates, the theme, and the recipient, and Liz will do the rest. All items will be handmade and felted, with the potential for some embroidered accents and other varying details depending on the chosen theme.


Home, Clean, Home!

Home, Clean, Home!

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Everybody loves Toki!

Everybody loves Toki!

Wearable Toki Art and Birthday Calendar – Everyone loves TokiArt, and you’ll especially love wearing it with these two 100 percent cotton white t-shirts, each featuring one of Maine artist and Waldorf teacher Toki Oshima’s lovely, folksy drawings. You’ll get “The Neighbor’s Tractor” (adult small), featuring a fabulous red vintage machine drawn in Toki’s trademark style, and “Afternoon Visit” (adult medium), featuring a sweet image of a cow with a blackbird perched on its head. Also,

Eighth Grade Intro 3

I am impressed by their capacity to take on such a challenge and see it through to completion. These young people have experienced what I like to think of as an initiation process, requiring each of them to gain a deeper understanding of time management, accountability and follow through. The responsibility and maturity required to complete these projects, to me, illustrates their ability to achieve success in life. My hope for this class, is that they will use this ability to serve humanity in a positive and meaningful way.