A circle of belonging

confirms for our youngest children that the world is good.

When we sing in harmony,

we learn to stay true to our own voice while listening deeply to those around us.

Today’s cutting edge:

collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Lifelong learning

begins with imaginative play

Harmony, dexterity, artistry, and focus

all contribute to a lifetime of music appreciation.

Ashwood Waldorf School is an independent, pre-K through eighth grade learning community. Ashwood offers a rigorous, classical education structured around the stages of human development. Our professional faculty is devoted to challenging and engaging each student through a curriculum that integrates science and mathematics with literature, history, and the arts. Ashwood graduates are vibrant, balanced and confident individuals with the initiative to learn, adapt, and thrive in a changing world.

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Early Childhood

Our early-childhood teachers create a warm, caring atmosphere that nurtures each child’s initiative through creative play and fosters healthy social experiences.

Grade School

Central to Ashwood’s philosophy is a desire to honor childhood and make learning joyful. Individual achievement gives way to the quality of our students’ relationships with their teachers and classmates.

Middle School

Through each of the main lesson subjects teachers lay the groundwork for the deepening and widening of the students’ understanding of the world and their unique place within it.

Campus News

How Do Ashwood Teachers Address Conflict in the Classroom?

5 Ways We Help Students Grow in Their Ability to Resolve Differences “The answer is not the main event, the attempt to understand is.” — Kim John Payne M.Ed. Coping with the stress of conflict is becoming an...

Why Do We Have a Development Office?

Many of you are aware that Ashwood 's tuition income does not cover the expense of running the school. Every year there is a financial gap that needs to be bridged in order to keep Ashwood financially stable and thriving. In recent years, the gap has been in the realm...

Student Writing: “The Plunge”

The seventh graders at Ashwood have been working on adding precise language and strong imagery to their writing. Here's an example from an assignment they were given to write a narrative from an event in the their lives. The Plunge: A True Story by Sadie, Ashwood 7th...

Introduction to First Grade

This week, Ashwood grade school teachers visited with the first-grade ready kindergarteners at our early-childhood center. The excitement of the six-year-olds was palpable. There was a feeling in the air of: "Yes! I've finally made it to the big leagues!" Thus begins...


8:15 am APC Coffee
APC Coffee
Jan 18 @ 8:15 am – 8:40 am
Join us on the garden level of the grade school building for coffee, tea, and conversation before the assembly!
all-day Leaflet submission deadline
Leaflet submission deadline
Jan 22 all-day
Leaflet submission deadline
Please submit your materials to Laura Purdom by 9:00 a.m. today for inclusion in this week’s Ashwood Leaflet newsletter.