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Ashwood dads pull together at the annual Tug-of-Peace.

Parents create a mantle of warmth around a school. — Rene Querido, lecturer; former director of Rudolf Steiner College

When parents and teachers work together—not just in support of the individual child or class, but in the creation of a community—it fosters the goals of Waldorf education and our own inner development as adults. When new children are enrolled, their parents are encouraged to communicate with their teachers, attend class meetings and assemblies, participate in adult education workshops, and help in critical areas of school life, such as becoming a Parent Community Council Representative (see below), a Class Parent, or serving on the Board of Trustees and its working committees. In this way an environment of mutual understanding, trust, and cultural renewal is created and supported.

The Parent Community Council

The Parent Community Council (PCC) supports and educates Ashwood’s parents and helps connect parents to all aspects of the life of the school. The PCC works in tandem with the faculty and the Board of Trustees to help create a healthy school community.

All parents at Ashwood are considered to be members of the Parent Community Council and are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings, which alternate between morning and evening sessions to accommodate all schedules. Each year, the faculty participates in the PCC program through presentations on specific aspects of the curriculum.

Throughout the year, the PCC’s work includes:

  • welcoming new families
  • supporting the social life of the school through festivals and other events
  • providing a forum for the discussion of school-wide issues
  • fostering communication that strengthens the school community

Each class has one or two PCC Representatives who attend the monthly meetings, help organize PCC-sponsored events, serve as liaisons between their classroom and the PCC, and coordinate volunteers.

For more information about the Parent Community Council please e-mail