Illustration from Ina’s “The Wind Searches”

Students in Ashwood’s oldest class have just completed writing an original pourquoi story, a children’s tale that explains why something is the way it is. Thus, we learn from Class 7-8 why the Lily-of-the-Valley bows her head, why the cactus has prickles, why the rooster crows, why the woodpecker can’t sing, why pebbles are so patient, why the moon has a cycle, as well as many other answers to the riddles of the universe.

The students will be creating printed or digital books with original illustrations, and the class will give a copy of their stories to the school as a gift from the Class 0f 2020 to future Ashwood young readers.

One of the areas the students have been working on is attention-getting leads. Here are a few first sentences from the pourquoi stories for your enjoyment:

“Green, sizzling, scared, and sulking, the cactus was about to meet his fate.” (Aidan)

“This is the story of the cat and the moon, and how with one action, you can change your life, for the worse, or the better. And it’s completely up to you.” (Sofia)

“I am afraid you have been denied the protection and alliance of the Institution of Wild Mammals. You have until tomorrow to be out of our territory,” declared the head of that institution.

“What?!” cried Porcupine, “but I am a mammal!” (Scarlet)

“We call her the wind. But before she was the wind, she was a human being just like us. Her name was Winda.” (Ina)