Author: Laura Purdom

  • Students Participate in Library Poetry Contest in Celebration of National Poetry Month

    Students Participate in Library Poetry Contest in Celebration of National Poetry Month

    Several Ashwood upper grades students recently submitted original poems to the Rockland Public Library’s “Anything Goes” Poetry Contest in celebration of National Poetry Month 2021. We’re proud to announce that, of the three finalists selected in the under 13 category, all three are from Ashwood! While the finalists’ poems can be found on the library’s…

  • They Float!

    They Float!

    As part of their Waterways/Ways of Water block, Class 1-3 made tiny canoes out of beeswax. Today, they sent them off for their first voyage on the stream. They really float! Science in action.

  • Alumni Update: Emma Berryman-Moore ’10

    I graduated from Ashwood in 2010, which feels impossibly long ago! I attended Camden Hills Regional High School and graduated in 2014, before moving on to the University of New Hampshire, where I graduated summa cum laude with a dual-degree in environmental economics and international affairs with dual minors in political science and French. While…

  • Off on a Tangent

    Off on a Tangent

    The snow is gone, and the plow stakes are no longer needed. It was the perfect opportunity for Class 4-8 to do a little campus clean up while trying out their recent lessons on tangents by building a model of Leonardo d Vinci’s fastenerless bridge.

  • Ocean Waves by Class 1-3

    Ocean Waves by Class 1-3

    Can’t you just hear the great waves crashing and sighing? And do these paintings remind you of something? See below.

  • More Mandala

    More Mandala

    For me, school days at Ashwood have been a sweet refuge from all of the disruptions of the past year. Nowhere has this more evident than in art class each week, when the upper grades students settle in and begin working on their mandalas. A hush quickly settles over the room. Gradually, as the students…

  • Lisa Newcomb to Lead Spring Parent & Child Playgroup

    Lisa Newcomb will be leading our 4-week parent & child playgroup this spring. Lisa has been involved in Ashwood’s early childhood program for the past nine years as a substitute and extended day teacher. Lisa is a certified Simplicity Parenting coach and has worked with children for more than 40 years from early childhood programs…

  • Fourth & Fifth Graders Participate in Maine Poster Program

    The fourth graders are participating in the Maine Poster Program this year. Ashwood students chose to feature blueberries (right, by Ami), lobsters (left, by Frances), sugaring, and rivers to represent the state in words and pictures.

  • Summer Camp Registration Is Here!

    Summer Camp Registration Is Here!

    Please note: The camps listed below are our confirmed camps to date; however, we are hoping to add a camp for children ages 5–6 and grades 1–2. Download a registration form here. Field & Forest Camp for 3 and 4 year-olds; August 9-13, 9:00–noon. We will explore the fields, stream, and woods around Ashwood’s early…

  • March Virtual Open House to Highlight Nursery Program

    Join us on Wednesday, March 24 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. for this online event for adults interested in learning more about Ashwood’s NEW nursery program for children aged 2 to 3. All are welcome. Our guest presenters will be Ashwood’s lead nursery teacher, Tamara Rosenthal, and lead mixed-age kindergarten teacher, Marianne Böckli. There will be a brief presentation, offering…