Several Ashwood upper grades students recently submitted original poems to the Rockland Public Library’s “Anything Goes” Poetry Contest in celebration of National Poetry Month 2021.

We’re proud to announce that, of the three finalists selected in the under 13 category, all three are from Ashwood!

While the finalists’ poems can be found on the library’s Facebook page, we don’t want you to miss out on seeing each of the poems, so we’ve included them all below.

Oh, and this is a contest, so just for fun, log on and vote for your favorite poem (and your second and third favorite, too!). To vote, go to the library’s Facebook page and “comment” your vote on the picture, ranking the poems 1-3, 1 being your favorite. You can visit the library during open hours to see the poems displayed in the garden. Voting ends on Friday, April 23.