In February, Ashwood received an email from an 8th grade Waldorf student in Offenburg, Germany. Twelve-year-old Alessia wrote that she attends the Waldorf (Steiner) School there. For her 8th grade project she planned to make “a patchwork quilt that shows the diversity of Steiner schools as an international movement” from fabrics she received from Waldorf schools worldwide. Alessia asked us to send a 30×30 centimeter square of cloth as well as a photo or postcard that shows something typical from our town or area.

Class 4-5 got to work on this and, with the help of our handwork teacher Donna Wenckus, picked out a fabric covered with soaring seagulls. Then each member of the class made a postcard to send to Alessia depicting an aspect of Maine.

We all look forward to hearing from Alessia and seeing a photo of the finished quilt.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the fabric and postcard we sent across the ocean!