Pentathlon Pride

On Friday, May 20th, the fifth graders promenaded from the grade school building to their awaiting “chariot,” past cheering and banner-holding schoolmates as they headed off for the 27th annual Maine Waldorf Schools Pentathlon at the Maine Coast Waldorf School in Freeport.
The fifth graders represented their school with grace and honor. Each of the fifth graders demostrated courage and strength in the ring wrestling event, threw discus and javelin with beauty, and strove hard in the long jump and sprint. Two thirds of the fifth graders qualified for the sprint finals, and the other third’s city-state won the relay. It was a wonderful day for Ashwood. The gods and goddesses surely looked upon them with favor. ~Mr. Kaczor

A special thank you to Ms. Swan for helping to organize the event with the other movement teachers from Maine and for training our athletes so well. They truly shined! 
While many faculty members attended the Pentathlon, we were fortunate and very grateful that Willy Ulbrich was willing and so able to step in for both Mr. Kaczor and Ms. Tucker. The gods smiled on those of us who remained on campus too!