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Parents Muse on Why We Were Late. Meh!

log bookThe Ashwood Waldorf School Log Book: It’s the battered tome where our hardworking parents have a chance to “confess” their  reasons for arriving late to school with their children. Once again this year, the Ashwood office staff has meticulously combed through the list and nominated a few of our favorites. These creative and quirky responses to a hectic situation remind us of what a great community of fun-loving and caring people we live and work amongst.

“Reason? You want a reason?”

“Who knows?”

“You know.”

“Family issues.”

“Time management.”

“Talking in hallway with Miss Leonore.”


“Dead car battery.”

“Daylight came late.”

“Sleepy girl.”

“Never mind.”

“Four children!”

“Don’t. Even. Ask.”

“Gas + rain + life + poor decision-making.”

“Staying up too late for election results.”

“Goofing off. (Just kidding.)”

“Wrong time on clock!”


“Oh… never mind.”

“Slow morning.”

“Slackin’ .”

“No good reason.”


“Traffic. (Really!)”

“Truant again!”




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