Isaiah Doble

Isaiah Doble (’17) has been been selected as one of 33 students from across Maine to serve on the newly-formed Student Cabinet for the Maine Department of Education. The cabinet will represent Maine students who will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and adult leaders in supporting and improving Maine’s education system.

Isaiah is very excited about this new undertaking, “I cannot wait for our first meeting in Augusta!” he writes. “I was not expecting to get accepted. They had around 300 applicants, and they were searching for a team of 33 students, diverse in age, identity, and geography. When I received a phone call regarding my acceptance, I was ecstatic.”

The cabinet will meet quarterly with Commissioner of Education Pender Makin. The purpose of the Student Cabinet is to provide a forum for Maine student voices to be heard, MDOE said in a press release. Isaiah and his cohorts will serve for at least a year.

Isaiah writes, ”I am looking forward to working on this cabinet of 32 other Maine students, all with entirely different experiences and perspectives as students, united under the effort of bettering our education system.”