As winter approaches, we would like to remind you of our inclement weather policy.

To avoid confusion, please note: 

  • When MSAD #28 is canceled, Ashwood Waldorf School is canceled as well.
  • When MSAD #28 is delayed, Ashwood Waldorf School is delayed as well. 

Early Dismissal

Ashwood makes weather-related decisions concerning early-release days and times independently of the public school system. Early dismissals are confusing due to a host of factors, including the fact that SAD #28 closes its individual schools at different times and has a different weekly early-release day than Ashwood. Because of these variables, Ashwood makes independent emergency early-release decisions. In these circumstances we make every attempt to contact each family individually, either by speaking with each parent personally at drop-off, calling each family, and/or sending out an all-school e-mail.

Delays and Cancellations

The easiest way to know when school is canceled or delayed is to determine whether SAD #28 is canceled or delayed. In addition, Ashwood school cancellations and late start day are announced on WCSH6 and Knox County Village Soup, as well as on 102.5 FM, and WMTW News. You may also choose to sign up for automatic text messages on the WCSH6 Storm Center website. When possible, an all-school e-mail will be sent for school closings and delays, but when power outages occur, or Internet service is down you will have to use other sources of information. Please note that school closings will not be announced on the school voicemail. We respect each family’s individual decision about whether to attend school on snowy days when school is in session. Please use your own discretion.