Early Childhood News

In the winter garden, covered with snow, little seeds are sleeping, deep down below. Here come the children: 1, 2, 3. Skipping in the garden, happily.

The kindergarten play yard has been a blur with busy children at work and play in the snow. They’ve been sledding and sliding, digging and building. A group of older children have been working together for the past couple of weeks on a canal or “river,” which may eventually go all the way to the ocean! Most days they get right to work picking and digging, creating a stream which flows through the yard. Other children have been building snowmen and snow houses, which even have beds and little windows. The large rock has been a good challenge and a lot of fun for the children as well. Even for those not able to climb up the slippery surface, it provides the opportunity to exercise and build gross motor skills and is something to look forward to mastering as they grow.

This week the children are enjoying the puppet play of “The Rabbit and the Carrot.” Some animals struggle to find food in the deep snow, but Rabbit has an extra carrot and brings it to her friend, Donkey. The animals kindly pass the carrot onto their neighbors, until it eventually ends back with Rabbit.

Jen Corning and Morgan Wade, Early Childhood Teachers