Enthusiasm and excitement fill the day: apples and leaves falling from our trees, finding the homes of small creatures underneath the stumps and rocks, spiders making their webs, water in the stream, snow on the ground, and ice in the puddles!

Each day holds a new wonder for the children. Every moment, whether in our own backyard or on our daily walk, is filled with joy, exploration, inquiry, and creative solutions and answers. The children are learning so much of how the natural world works and how they fit in. They work together in figuring out how to make homes more comfortable for newts, design ways to squash apples for applesauce or to feed the animals. Dams and rivers are designed collaboratively in the sandbox, fairy houses are constructed, seesaws are built and boat rides are taken to far-off lands. The children delight in climbing up the steep hills by themselves, learning how to keep the swing going on their own, walking over stumps, rocks, tree limbs, and through the prickly path.

Each and every day there is so much work to be done and so many places to explore! I marvel at it all.

Miss Lisa, EC Teacher