Bridge Crossing 2022

Our early childhood classes’ resilience was tested again on the days of the bridge crossing festival. The faculty had planned for it to be outside in the back of the building. Weather reports were ominous enough a day or two before the event to allow us plenty of time to implement plan B. The Cloud Castle was arranged the evening before and guest were warned:
“Whether the weather be dry, whether the weather be wet, we’ll weather the weather no matter the weather whatever the weather we get”.

Hence on the day, all were dressed appropriately, umbrellas unfurled, rain boots in puddles. As the families arrived, melodious flute music played by Ms. Maho welcomed them.Nursery class entered the tent first: acted and sang songs of their yearly circles then crossed the bridge to summerland and sat with their families. The kindergarten class followed, and performed from their seasonal circles. The oldest children then crossed the bridge, leaving early childhood behind.Ms Doshi and her class welcomed them to the grade school. Then all from Early childhood class crossed into summerland!
Thank you to all the people who brought flowers; to the Grade school and administrative staff who helped set up and to Maho for the lovely music!
Marianne for EC