Kate Kemper ’16

“This year has been strange; however, my college plans have proceeded on a surprisingly normal schedule. I am attending the University of Maine (at Orono) in the honors college, planning on studying physics, and continuing to learn French, as I started to do at Ashwood and continued through high school. I plan on at least minoring in French or pursuing a double major in French and physics. I have already joined way too many clubs, including the Blade Society (fencing club), of which I am now the secretary, and the Honors Student Advisory Board, in which I am on the recruitment committee. I also joined the Outing Club and through them climbed Mt. Katahdin for the first time, and on Indigenous People’s Day! I am having a really great time in college, and though UMaine was not initially my first choice, I am glad to be here. The school is handling the COVID situation really well, and though that means I have fewer opportunities to socialize and meet new people, I am also happy to be living on campus and have three-fifths of my classes in person.”

Photo: Kate atop Katahdin

Cullan Hamilton ’16

“I went to Camden Hills Regional High School, where I really got into languages and decided I wanted to work in the U.S. Foreign Service. I now go to the University of Maine Orono and I major in International Relations and Political Science. I still love languages (I’m learning 7), I’ve taken up boxing as a hobby, and I’m applying to be a Spanish tutor. College so far has been great, even despite the COVID situation. I love the people and the professors. Of course, you can’t do everything you normally would be able to, but there’s still a lot that can be done.”