Subject & Specialty Classes

P1030277SPECIALTY TEACHERS AT Ashwood bring to the children expertise in art, music, handworks, foreign language, and physical education. It is a particular strength of our school that some of our specialty and subject classes are taught by class teachers. This enables the faculty to be responsible for not only their own class, but for the school as a whole, while it gives the children the opportunity to get to know other striving adults.

After the morning main lesson, Ashwood students have four periods of  subject and specialty classes. Every class studies French, handwork, movement, singing, recorder, and art. As the students get older, academic classes in math and English join the new specialty areas of stringed instruments, clay modeling, and woodworking.

Immersion in this rich and diverse curriculum allows each student to enter high school well-prepared for any pursuit they wish to follow and any challenge that presents itself.