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Rosewood Early Childhood Center

Ashwood Waldorf School - Early Childhood BuildingIn a Waldorf school the physical environment plays a central role. Our rooms are beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is calm and purposeful.

All toys are made of natural materials: wooden blocks and wooden toys; shells and stones; beeswax; broad paintbrushes, clear, bright, translucent watercolors, and big sheets of wet paper; large vivid wax crayons – these are some of the materials the young child comes to know and to use with delight.

These help awaken the children’s sense of touch to the physical sensations of a world that is still new to them.

Toys and dolls are simply-made with a minimum of detail so that the children’s imaginations will bring them to life.

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood programs at Ashwood serve families with children from age eighteen months to six years old.

The Waldorf early childhood programs support young children at this crucial developmental stage by emphasizing imaginative play, purposeful work, movement, social and artistic endeavors, and language development. Read more