by Jeremy Clough, Class 7-8 Teacher

Here are the answers to this week’s Leaflet quiz, wherein you were asked to guess which 7th-8th grader wrote which expository essay:

“Dungeons & Dragons: The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game?” – George

“Why I Love the City” – Sanbate

“Chess is Better than Checkers” – Harrison

“How to Reduce Pollution” – Anna

“Why Pollution Is Bad” – Sofia

“Sexism through the Ages” – Scarlet

“Why Dress Codes are Unfair” – Sadie

“Why We Should Ride Bikes” – Lily

“Why Baseball Is Wonderful” – Eli

“Why Dogs Are Good for You” – Zola

“Why Ashwood’s Dress Code Should Be Changed” – Jonny

“Swimming Is the Best Sport” – Gabe

“The Importance of Reading Books” – Ina

“Cities Are Better Than Rural Areas” – Aidan

“Why Rowing Is Good for You” – Roza