We now have a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box in the grade school building, allowing us to recycle candy and snack wrappers. When the box is full, it will be returned to TerraCycle where the contents will be either recycled, composted, or repurposed. This is a pilot project initiated and generously donated by Class 5-6 parent parent Suzanne Balbo.

To introduce their peers to the TerraCycle Box, fifth graders Cadence and Faye created a presentation. Here’s the transcript. Enjoy, and remember to recycle those wrappers.

Faye & Cadence: Mmmmm!

Cadence: That yummy candy bar. You just want to eat it all up.

Faye: But when you’re done, what do you do with the wrapper? You throw it away!

Cadence: That wrapper could end up in the ocean, and animals like turtles, fish, and whales could eat it thinking it’s food.

Faye: But we are going to change that with something called the TerraCycle Box, which recycles and makes the wrappers into other things!

Cadence: It collects candy bar wrappers, chip bags, and other clean plastic bags.

Faye: The TerraCycle box will be located in the hallway. That’s all for now!