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  • Bridge Crossing 2024

    Bridge Crossing 2024

    On a misty morning, the children and teachers of the Early Childhood program crossed the bridge into summerland.

  • The Great Math Block Swap: What Is It?

    The Great Math Block Swap: What Is It?

    Each year, Ashwood’s grade school teachers consider whether or not to include a “block swap” in their calendar. Will it be of benefit to the students? To the school? In the past several years, the answer has been a solid “yes.” So, once again, this year, we will have a block swap from Monday, January…

  • Students Volunteer at the Common Ground Fair

    This year Class 6-7 volunteered at the Common Ground Fair. It was the first time they were old enough for this responsibility. One group volunteered in the children’s area, painting faces and helping children make arts and crafts. Another group helped set tables and prepare food in the Common Kitchen which feeds the fair’s volunteers.…