The seventh graders at Ashwood have been working on adding precise language and strong imagery to their writing. Here’s an example from an assignment they were given to write a narrative from an event in the their lives.

The Plunge: A True Story

by Sadie, Ashwood 7th grader

The edge of the granite cliff yawns a foot in front of my bare feet. My heart pounds against my ribs as my hands clench into fists. I step forward and peer over the jagged edge. Dark blue water flickers with the warm August sunlight, throwing shimmering reflections onto the sides of the quarry. My toes curl over the sides and my eyes close. Behind my eyelids I see myself taking one more step and falling, hair streaming out, arms stretched above my head, drinking in the sun, falling into the calm water.

I open my eyes and, taking a deep breath, I step off the ledge.

I feel weightless, like if I tried I could soar up into the cloudless blue sky. As I fall, time slows down and for just a moment, I feel perfect. Untethered and free. I know it’s been less that two seconds since I jumped, but it seems like an eternity.

My toes touch the water first, and the cold sends a shock through my whole body. I pierce the surface and instantly all sounds are gone. I sink deep into the icy, soundless water, and the light from the world above begins to fade. I kick my legs as hard as I can and slowly start to move toward the air. Bubbles tickle my arms and legs as I rise.

My head breaks the surface and water streams down my face. I tilt my head back and smile.