A big shout out to the Hoppin and the Burnham/Kornfield families for answering the call for volunteers at Midcoast Recover Coalition. On May 2, which would have been Serve-A-Thon Saturday. Both families spent a couple of hours pruning bushes and brambles, raking and hauling leaves, and mulching saplings and vines—vines that were planted during last year’s Serve-A-Thon!

The Serve-A-Ton is a community fundraiser with far-reaching effects. Each year our school partners with several local community nonprofits to offer two days of volunteer service (a Serve-A-Thon). Funds donated to the Serve-A-Thon through business and personal sponsors benefit Ashwood, while Ashwood’s service work benefits the wider community.

The Families Hoppin and Burnham/Kornfield
Demonstrating their awesome physical distancing technique!