On February 10, the faculty held a meeting to announce teaching assignments and class configuration for the 2021-2022 school year. Class teacher assignments for next year are as follows: Class 1-2, Elizabeth Doshi; Class 3-5, Robert Kaczor; Class 6-8, Laura Purdom. To view the video recording of the meeting, click here.

Elizabeth Doshi

Class 1-2, Elizabeth Doshi: I feel unreservedly grateful for the group of students I am teaching this year …absolutely amazed at their willingness to do whatever it takes to have a productive and healthy year …impressed with their intelligence and resolute generosity. If I had my way, I’d keep them by my side for ever and ever—but change comes, and with it, growth. Next year I will be ready and eager to begin again with the upcoming first and second grade. I hope opportunity will allow me to continue to enjoy subject classes with all of these brilliant students next year!

Robert Kaczor

Class 3-5, Robert Kaczor: Being the class teacher of this incredible group of 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th graders continues to be one of the greatest adventures and honors of my life. I am so grateful for their curiosity about the world, their kindness towards others, and their enthusiasm for learning. Given my attachment to every member of this class, my decision to take the helm of next year’s Class 3-5 was not made imprudently. I am wholly confident that the children I’ve shepherded since first grade will be in very capable hands with Ms. Purdom and will reap the benefits of her wisdom and skill. I’m also looking forward to welcoming the children that Ms. Doshi has attentively prepared with a deep and strong foundation for learning. Next year, I will dearly miss those morning hours with the older Olympians, but I will see them often—perhaps daily (!) in class, so I am confident that the relationship we’ve formed over the years will remain solid.

Laura Purdom

Class 6-8, Laura Purdom: I feel honored to be stepping into the role of middle school class teacher next year. Just this fall, my previous class—the Class of 2016— headed off to college, so it seems a fitting time to dive in again and take this journey, side-by-side with this kind, smart, and creative group of middle schoolers and their loving and supportive parents. I am filled with gratitude for my friend and colleague, Rob Kaczor, for his dedication to these students for so many formative years, and I know they will always bear the imprint of his warmth, intellect, and big heart. Here’s to a great school year ahead!