Reading List


  • The Essential Steiner by Robert McDermott

Early Childhood

  • Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley, Michaelmas Press, Amesbury, MA, 2000
  • Children at Play, Preparation for Life, Heidi Britz-Crecelius, Inner Traditions International, New York, 1972
  • Education of the Child, Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1965
  • Festivals with Children, Brigitte Barz, Floris Books, Edinburgh, 1991.
  • Home Remedies, Otto Wolff, Floris Books, 1991
  • In a Nutshell, Nancy Foster, Acorn Hill, Silver Springs, MD, 2005
  • Lifeways: Working With Family Questions, ed. Gudrun Davy, Hawthorn Press, Stroud, England, 1983
  • Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry, Katrina Kenison, Grand Central Publishing, 2002
  • Childhood’s Garden (book and CD), Helle Heckman
  • Our Children from Birth to Seven, Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley, Michaelmas Press, Amesbury, MA
  • Seven Times the Sun, Shea Darian, Gilead Press, Brookfield, WI, 1994
  • Storytelling with Children, Nancy Mellon, Hawthorn Press, Gloucestershire, 2000
  • The Children’s Year, Stephanie Cooper, et al, Hawthorn Press, Gloucestershire, UK, 2005
  • The Seven O’Clock Bed Time: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a child healthy, playful, and wise, Inda Schaenen, Harper Paperbacks, 2001
  • Toymaking With Children, Freya Jaffke, Floris Books, Edinburgh, 1987
  • Waldorf Education – A Family Guide, Pamela Johnson Fenner, Karen L. Rivers, Michaelmas Press, Amesburg, MA
  • What Is a Waldorf Kindergarten? Sharifa Oppenheimer
  • You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, Rahima Baldwin, Celestial Arts, 1989


  • Will Developed Intelligence – Handwork and practical arts in the Waldorf School by D. Mitchell and P. Livingston


  • School as a Journey by Torin Finser
  • The Recovery of Man in Childhood by A.C. Harwood
  • Understanding Waldorf Education – Teaching from the Inside Out by Jack Petrash
  • Teaching as a Lively Art by Marjorie Spock
  • Rhythms of Learning – Selected Lectures by Rudolf Steiner; edited by Roberto Trostli
  • Waldorf Education a Family Guide by Pamela Johnson Fenner & Karen L.Rivers

Use of Electronic Media

  • Endangered Minds: Why Our Children Don’t Think by Jane Healy
  • Failure To Connect: How Computers Affect Our Children’s Minds for Better and Worse by Jane Healy
  • Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander
  • The Plug-In Drug by Marie Winn
  • Evolution’s End: Claiming The Potential of Our Intelligence by Joseph Chilton Pearce

If you cannot find these books at your local library, you may want to check the following resources:

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) Bookstore

Bob & Nancy’s Bookshop