Our Five-Year Strategic Plan

Ashwood Waldorf School’s Five-Year Strategic Plan marks the school’s position at the beginning of the second hundred years of Waldorf education. This plan holds fast to the school’s mission while providing a guiding vision for its future and a working plan for how to get there.

The faculty and board of trustees worked together to articulate, prioritize, and implement the goals in this plan. We recognize, invite, and depend upon the wisdom and support of parents to bring this plan into fruition. Each area of focus is segmented into goals. Each goal has associated initiatives and benchmarks for measuring progress, as well as persons responsible.

This plan reaffirms our commitment to a balanced and rigorous education that integrates academics with the arts, nature, and social values. We come together in partnership, and with a singular purpose, to bring the gift of Waldorf education to the children of midcoast Maine in the 21st century.