Early last month I attended an Oshima Brothers concert at One Longfellow Square in Portland. Such a gathering is inconceivable now, but at the time we were all going about our normal routines here in Maine. The sold-out show featured Sean (’08) on vocals and guitar and Jamie (’11) on back-up vocals, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and fiddle. Nearly every song was written by Sean and produced by Jamie, and the audience alternatively clapped along and savored slower tunes in appreciative silence. 

Sean and Jamie have been making music together from a young age. They sing beautiful harmonies with rich tones and soaring falsetto, while skillfully swapping between many instruments, both acoustic and electric. The tasteful use of digital looping creates a surprisingly rich sound. The brothers write, produce and record their own songs, which range between Indie, contemporary folk and acoustic pop style. In 2016, the Oshima Brothers released a self-titled CD of original music, and have since been building their careers with performance tours throughout Maine and the eastern United States. Their newest songs appear on a five-track EP, Under the Same Stars.

Like so many of us these days, Sean and Jamie are now working from home. For them, this means continuing to make music together! The brothers are now offering weekly Livestream shows from 6:00- 6:30 p.m. every Thursday, viewable via their Facebook page “Oshima Brothers.” It’s a sweet and simple way to feel a bit more connected and to enjoy some heartfelt, feel-good music. More information on these talented Ashwood alumni can be found on their website, www.oshimabrothers.com.

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Valerie Shepard, Board Member