On August 12 from 6:30–7:45 p.m., Ashwood Waldorf School will host Inspired Learning: A Virtual Open House for adults interested in learning more about Ashwood’s programs for ages 3 through 8th grade. This hour-long, informal, virtual gathering will be interactive, offering attendees a chance, if they wish, to introduce themselves and say a bit about their child or grandchild, or voice their questions or interests.

There will be a slide show presentation offering a brief overview of the school, followed by ample time for questions fielded by faculty and other members of the Ashwood community. 

Ashwood’s kindergarten program for children ages 3-6 lays a foundation for literacy and intellectual growth through the language of storytelling and circle games, puppetry, and play—developing concentration, coordination, and language and number skills. 

In the lower grades, Ashwood’s teachers provide a broad base of knowledge and instill a love of learning, creating a culture of inspired academic excellence. Different learning styles are honored through both indoor classroom instruction and outdoor activity as students engage with language, mental math, daily artistic work, purposeful movement, and the rich, imaginative content of myths and legends of cultures around the world. 

Ashwood upper grades students hone their awakening intellects by exercising their growing capacity for objective thinking and refined observation. They develop into confident, self-aware individuals as they study history, algebra, geometry, human anatomy and physiology, physics, literature, and engage in a wide variety of arts. 

High school teachers value Ashwood students for their depth of insight, focus, and enthusiasm. Ashwood graduates are admitted to a wide range of colleges and universities.

Worldwide, Waldorf schools are known for an interdisciplinary approach that balances rigorous academics with creativity. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Waldorf schools in over 60 countries. In 2019, the movement celebrated its 100th birthday.  

To register and receive a link for the Inspired Learning: A Virtual Open House, call 207-236-8021 or email Laura Purdom at info@ashwoodwaldorf.org. More information about Ashwood is available at www.ashwoodwaldorf.org.