As a teacher at Ashwood, I am continually awed and delighted by the creativity of our students. Today, I’d like to share with you a window into Class 4-5 Language Arts. The class has been brainstorming topics for future writing workshop assignments. Each student generated a page of ideas. These ideas will be added to throughout the year; however, there are already quite a few intriguing topics. Here are a few for your consideration:

I can write about… a family of slugs, tragedy, siblings, daffodils, reptiles, cool stuff, birds, weekends.
I can write about… bugs, a leaf, a water bear, my old cat, gerbils, a Komodo dragon, the forest.

I can write about… two girls, and one of them has to go to the hospital.
I can write about… a detective, a wolf, fruit, sports; a ray, an octopus, some water, and a manatee.
I can write about… a table from the table’s point of view.
I can write about… how to fix problems.
I can write about… a bunny in a tree stump, books that come to life,
fishing, school, the jungle, me!
I can write about… mysteries, cupcakes, a little lonely unicorn.
I can write about… the adventures of the Pirate and Parrot.
I can write about… music, sea life, happiness.

Laura Purdom, Language Arts Teacher