“The sap has been running” as we teachers say this time of year when the Spring temps and sunshine make the students giddy and full of energy. Students in grades 3 and 4 made their annual trip to the sugarbush and sap house to tap, collect and boil sugar maple sap. Mrs. Whitney River helped us drill and set our spiles and we made regular visits to collect the trees’ offerings. Despite wild swings in the temperatures, our sap stayed cold and fresh, thanks to packing our barrels with the last bit of snow every chance we got. We lit the fire under the evaporator Wednesday March 30th, and with the help of Mr. Tansi and a few other parents we are close to finishing off our sweet harvest. Here are some photos of the students doing the most important work in the process- making and delivering thank you cards for the gracious trees that the students have been adopted, named and adored.-Mr. Kaczor