On a warm breezy day last week, Class 1-3 presented a rare treat as the Children of Hamelin in our school’s spring performance of “The Pied Piper”. The children’s voices (and animal masks) reflected the joy and wonder of the early grades and brought a balancing element to the slapstick, physical humor of the upper grades. Laughter and applause all around! Many hours of work and play went into this all-school production, and the children did it all with joy and dedication.

Ms. Doshi would like to thank Willy Ulbrich, Meredith Butler and Tabatha Tucker for supporting class 1-3 and their teacher during the production.

Ms. Purdom would like to thank to all who supported the endeavor, with special mention to the following:

  • Yards and yards of thanks Tabatha Tucker, handwork teacher and parent, for her creativity, ingenuity and good humor as the costume designer for 30 children.
  • A sustained note of gratitude to Sarah Ewing, administrative assistant, who heard the students learning “La Musette” on the ukulele this winter and asked if she might have a copy of the music for the fun of learning it on her concertina. A few weeks later we gave her a rat masked and invited her to do a cameo in the play. She never saw it coming!
  • A round of applause to moms Willy Ulbrich, Margo Burnham, Courtney Oldrin, Katie Turesson who cut, dyed and sewed costumes… and more costumes.
  • A big huzzah for dads Par Turesson, Kenneth Kornfield and Donnie Mullen who constructed the backdrop and curtain rod for the stage; Barney Hildreth who made a matching window panel, so our rats could make their surprise entrance; John Anderson for the plywood boxes which became steps and seats; and Tim Beynart for willingness and tools
  • A deep bow of gratitude for curtain troubleshooting (wind!) to Mike Gaudet, Ashwood’s wonderful handyman
  • And to Joergen Ostensen ’13, who played Julius Caesar (a rat) in Ashwood’s first production of “The Pied Piper” in 2012: Thank you for coming back to take pictures.

Photos by Joergen Ostensen ’13 and Sarah Ewing.