Get ready to lend a hand October 3rd during Ashwood’s Fall Service Day! Grade school students, teachers, and parent volunteers will be tackling projects in and for the community after main lesson. We will also be holding a blood drive that day (see below).

Our Spring Serve-A-Thon projects have been a wonderful way to bring awareness and develop relationships with nonprofits in our community; we’ve added the fall service day to deepen these ties. Here’s what we have planned:
Grade 1: Picking up trash along the shore
Grade 2-3: Singing and visiting at Knox Center
for Long-Term Care
Grade 4-5: Constructing cat platforms for Pope Memorial Animal Shelter (in the Ashwood woodshop)
Grade 6-7: Garden work at Youthlinks and helping Habitat for Humanity (two groups).
Class parents will be in touch to coordinate carpools and help sign up to volunteer for projects.
Save a Life: Donate blood
Ashwood will be hosting the Red Cross bloodmobile for a blood drive on October 3 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To sign up, go to Redcross and search by our zipcode: 04856. Or contact Sarah Ewing to reserve a slot. Please, help spread the word!
Sarah Ewing, Administrative Assistant/Development Assistant