Educational Support

GR6-rosetteSometimes a child needs extra support. At Ashwood, parents and teachers work together closely to identify the student’s needs and the available resources, such as tutoring or therapy.

Ashwood’s faculty has primary responsibility for activities in this area. The faculty works together to:

  • support teachers in observing and understanding the needs of students, particularly those experiencing challenges to health development and academic and/or social success
  • offer suggestions for assessment and therapeutic support for students.
  • initiate studies to deepen the group’s understanding of child development, child study techniques, learning styles, learning disorders and remediation, and shares these insights with the faculty
  • organize visits by consultants who are experts in the field of Waldorf remedial education, assessment, or other needed area
  • maintain a resource list of area specialists

Learn more about Waldorf remedial education:

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“Remedial Education” by Mary Jo Oresti