Author: Sarah Ewing

  • Class 7-8 Mandarin Class Calligraphy

    Class 7-8 Mandarin Class Calligraphy

    This year’s students are the first to experience Mandarin as a foreign language class at Ashwood. This subject is a pilot program for us, and so far students are loving the language as well as the artistic work involved.

  • Class 7-8 Sistine Chapel Exercise

    Class 7-8 Sistine Chapel Exercise

    To complement their studies of the Italian Renaissance, Class 7-8 is getting a feel for what it was like for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Their assignment: to draw a detail of “God Creating Adam” on a piece of paper taped to the bottom of their desks. Giggles included.

  • Class 7-8 Fan Filter Boxes

    Class 7-8 Fan Filter Boxes

    Class 7-8 participated in a very local community service project this week—building new filter boxes for the fans that help keep Ashwood’s indoor air cleaner. 

  • Class 3-4 Agricultural Arts

    Class 3-4 Agricultural Arts

    Class 3-4 visited Erickson Fields Preserve for their Agricultural Arts class with Ms. Swan. They harvested 400 pounds of potatoes and pulled in all of the rest of the green and occasional red peppers.

  • Class 3-4 Field Trip to Mook Sea Farm

    Class 3 – 4’s first block of the year was Maine geography, history, and industries. Lessons were enriched with field trips to explore and view Maine geography, discover Maine’s rich history, and witness some of Maine’s major industries in action!

  • Class 7-8 Platonic Solids

    Class 7-8 made bubble wands out of wire or wood in the shape of three of the Platonic solids: cube, tetrahedron, and octahedron. We found that each of the shapes, when dipped in bubble solution, formed a tiny double version of itself.

  • Puppet Play

    Puppet Play in Early ChildhoodA spare decor made with colorful cloths and a few props from nature (a branch, a rock, a pine cone) is pleasing to the eye. The gentle moving of simple puppets or marionettes (with very few features) in the pleasing colorful world allows the children to totally immerse themselves in the story,…