by Margo Burnham

It’s amazing what happens when you just show up! That’s what we did last Saturday to help with the Autumn Campus Clean Up. 

Barney Hildreth and Wayne Breda were there with truck and tools, ready to dive into the tool shed by the grade school compost bin. 

Kenny and I decided to check out the other tool shed up the hill by the great Ash Tree that they’d said was overrun with bittersweet vines. And indeed it was, inside and out! 

Everything came out of both sheds, Barney and Wayne spun theirs around, made a bigger opening, propped up its supports and organized items inside. Kenny and I emptied the upper shed, removed all the vines, swept out the various wildlife offerings and dust, reorganized the items inside… and found many unexpected treasures and tidbits of Ashwood history. 
Meanwhile, Meredith, Tom and William Tansi, with Richard, Marian, Leia and Ava Taubinger cleaned up the grounds of the EC buildings and hauled away shed items in the Tansi truck! It was a gorgeous and fun day just working together on this beautiful campus. 

Take a walk around and look at all the good work the next time you have a few spare moments. Thank you Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board for organizing a long list of tasks… in case anyone’s looking for something to do!