Order delicious citrus fruits from Indian River Groves in Florida to help supplement the student activities fee for all Ashwood students. Fresh, delicious, and a great deal! Straight from the Florida citrus groves, the fruit is delivered within a week of being picked. In Maine, you can’t get any fresher!

Until Nov. 8, grades 6 and 7-8 will be coordinating the citrus sale. This is a much shorter sale than in recent years so DO NOT DELAY!!

There will be a sale table each day at pickup time from now until Nov. 6 where you can talk with a student salesperson and place your order. Be sure to bring cash or a check. The number of options to choose from are too many to detail — come see!

You can also order online, or talk with any 6th, 7th, or 8th grader to place an order.

Citrus will be delivered to the school in mid-December, before the winter break.

Be sure to spread the word! These class fundraisers benefit all Ashwood students, not just the classes coordinating the sale.