Check out these alumni blogs, and find out about the adventures of three of Ashwood’s intrepid, traveling alumni. Ari Snider ’10 is chronicling his year in Belgium, while Emma Cloyd ’11 writes from Vietnam where she is currently spending a semester of study, and Emma Moesswilde ’10 corresponds from Germany where she she is studying and traveling for a year.

“Exploring exotic cities has been one of the great pleasures of my exchange,” writes Ari in a recent post. “At the end of the day, however, my heart belongs in the village. To my delight, peaceful, charming hamlets sprouted throughout southern France like sweet grapes from a vine.”

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Emma writes: “Hi! I’m Emma Cloyd and I just turned 16. I’m currently enrolled to spend second semester at APU International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam… Ho Chi Minh is a massive, bustling city, so it’s sure to be an adventure.”

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“Once there was a girl who went on exchange to Germany,” writes Emma Moesswilde. “That girl was me. And man, was that girl excited to go. And wasn’t she excited to get there, too! And wasn’t it just lovely.”

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