Record crowds, a balmy night, and a multitude of enthusiastic volunteers made for a wonderful All Hallows’ Eve Walk this year. Every year, the faculty burns the pumpkin candle at both ends to to make this event a success, but we simply could not do it without all of the contributions of time, energy and talent from parents, alumni, and friends.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the parents of: early childhood for the fabulous entry gate; Class 1-2 for the whimsical tree faces; Class 3-4 for the bumper crop of scarecrows; Class 5-6 for lighting the paths; Class 7-8 for serving hot cider at the bonfire and cookies at trail’s end. A special shout-out to the APC liaisons and class parents who gathered the troops.

A long list of cookie bakers made sure every child (and child-at-heart) got a cookie at the end of the trail. Sweet thanks for cookies—regular and gluten free—to: Rachel Bickham, Kimberley Soucy, Tony Rose, Marian Taubinger, Maia Campoamor, Audrey Lawson, Valerie Shepard, Jessica Wheeler, Willy Ulbrich, Sarah McBrian, Margo Burnham, Melissa Hall, Julia Dodge, Sarah Troutman, Mandy Garcia, and Shannon Courand, and to Vero Poblete-Howell for the cute pumpkin muffins.

The gathering place in the field under the old ash tree was made cozy festive by another group of helpers. We thank Ursula Leonore for the mood-setting accordion music and Jim Doble for the masterful gonging; Barney Hildreth and Jesse Watson for building and tending the bonfire; and Tabatha Tucker for her beautiful Scheherazade— the silks, the lights, the stories!

Along the trail, we couldn’t do without the trail tenders’ silent and mysterious guidance along the path: Susan Silverio, Jack Silverio, Lisa Newcomb, Buck O’Herin, Valerie Shepard, with special thanks to Bridget Qualey for providing capes these many years. And, who can forget the magical characters, played by students in grades 6–8, Ms. Ewing, Maho Hisakawa, Kenneth Kornfield, alumna Abbie Ames, and Louie and Hannah from the J.&E. Riggin. We love you!

Parking was a big job this year with so many visitors on campus, so honk if you love Julia Dodge and Donna Wenckus, our parking poobahs!

Before it all started, we got the word of the event out to the community in two ways: Facebook and flyers. So, thanks to all who shared the event with the friends, and thanks to the following thumbtack-wielding helpers: Willy Ulbrich, Melissa Hall, Lisa Newcomb, Sarah Ewing, Susan and Jack Silverio.

A big thanks to our efficient set up and clean up crews: Tina Lipmanowicz, Kimberley Soucy, Erin Brainerd, Crystal Leeman, Valerie Shepard, Abe Stimson, Jess Hoppin, and Tony Rose. It all happened like magic.

And, finally, thanks to all those who chipped in at just the right moment and helped get done what needed to be done.

Let’s do it all again next year! See you along the path!