This season, we put up a Gratitude Tree in our grade school building to mark the culmination of a year of 100th anniversary celebrations for Waldorf education. We invited the entire community to write a word or a sentence and hang their gratitude leaf on the tree. The faculty kicked off the project. The tree will be inviting contributions until January 6.

Apropos of gratitude, we recently ran across an intriguing website called Native Land Digital run by an indigenous Canadian non-profit. They maintain a fascinating map on the website that shows you what indigenous land you are living on. Many of you are aware that the land that we walk on here at Ashwood was once occupied by the Wabanaki Confederation. So, the first leaf will be words of gratitude to all those who walked this land for many generations before we arrived here and built our beloved school community.

What are you grateful for? Help us decorate our tree with 100 leaves of gratitude!