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forest tree

Experiencing nature in ongoing, unregulated, direct ways offers children irreplaceable opportunities for exploring and discovering, for creating and developing their personalities and identities, for probing and testing the margins of their world. Direct, often spontaneous contact with nature appears to constitute an irreplaceable core for healthy childhood growth and development.

— Dr. Stephen R. Kellert, Professor Emeritus of Social Ecology and Senior Research Scholar at the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Ashwood’s nature preschool program lays a strong foundation for literacy and intellectual growth, and provides a special opportunity for children ages 3-6 to explore nature fully and learn to know it well by spending much of their time outdoors.

Imaginative play, purposeful movement, and social and artistic activities support and enhance early development. Our nurturing faculty provide space and time for young children to grow, explore, and discover the world.

Creative play develops a foundation for concentration, coordination, language, and number skills. In the Waldorf preschool, young children acquire the confidence and discipline they will need for the challenging academic work of grade school.