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Forest Kindergarten

forest tree

Experiencing nature in ongoing, unregulated, direct ways offers children irreplaceable opportunities for exploring and discovering, for creating and developing their personalities and identities, for probing and testing the margins of their world. Direct, often spontaneous contact with nature appears to constitute an irreplaceable core for healthy childhood growth and development.

— Dr. Stephen R. Kellert, Professor Emeritus of Social Ecology and Senior Research Scholar at the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

On Wednesdays, four- to six- year- old- students enrolled in Ashwood’s five- or three-day program will have the opportunity to participate in our Forest Kindergarten.

Our Forest Kindergarten program will offer a full Waldorf kindergarten experience, outdoors. Fall, winter, and spring, in all weathers, children will enjoy seasonal activities, circle time, gardening, forest walks, and creative free play. They will delight in stories around the fire where they prepare their snack and warm their tea.

Parents will be able to choose whether or not to enroll their children in the Wednesday Forest Kindergarten program, and the program. Children in the Forest Kindergarten will enjoy the traditional course of activities with their regular teacher and classmates on the other days of the week. Children who participate in the forest program will rejoin the “indoor” Early Childhood class at noon if they are staying for lunch.

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