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Eighth Grade Projects

For her 8th Grade Project, Abigail Matlack raised money to travel to Burma to deliver medical supplies

EACH YEAR THE students in Ashwood’s graduating class take on independent projects as the culmination of their educational experience. It is an opportunity for the students to have a truly independent learning experience based on their individual interests and inspirations.

Students combine the academic, artistic and intellectual capacities fostered by their Waldorf education to research, develop and present a project of their choosing. The maturity and self-motivation required to accomplish such a project is a prerequisite for moving on to secondary school.

The eighth grade project requires the students to find a mentor, research the topic, complete the work and share this experience with an audience.

They spend many hours, above and beyond their regular academic school work, developing their independent Eighth Grade projects.

– Amy Watson, Teacher, Class of 2012

  • View the video Jamie Oshima created for his Eighth Grade Project.
  • Click on one of the images below for a slideshow of 2012 Eighth Grader Projects in progress.
  • Check back this summer for Eighth Grade Projects 2013!